Can't make a lesson in person?
Our online lessons take place on scheduled video call meetings. 

Using the ZOOM app, THE MUSIC ROOM creates safe, secure, and productive lessons for all ages.


Our teachers will advise students on how to set themselves up for a ZOOM lesson specific to their instrument. 

The ZOOM app is free to download!
Search for it on your regular app store.

For desktop users go to


Every student will be given their own unique meeting ID, URL link and password to enter their lesson.
Only the student and the teacher will have access to this information.

Upon entering a lesson, the student will be placed in a waiting room. The teacher will then give the student permission to enter the lesson.

Once the lesson is open to the student, the teacher will lock the meeting to eliminate the chance of someone else attempting to join the lesson.


  • We recommend you use a laptop or Mac for online lessons.

  • You can use a tablet for lessons. We would not recommend using a phone for lessons due to their screen size.

  • Please encourage members of your household to refrain from using streaming services and video calls whilst you are in a lesson.

Heavily demanding broadband services include; Netflix, Youtube, Facetime, online gaming, etc...

Screen 2
Smart Phone Outline

Laptop and tablet microphones nowadays are high enough quality making them suitable for most lesson scenarios. For drumming and singing lessons we recommend using external headphones - you may need a long headphone extension cable!


You can hook up any external headphone or microphone to ZOOM.  


If you have any questions about what technical equipment to use in your lessons, feel free to contact us.