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THE MUSIC ROOM COVENTRY offers paid internships for those who may be studying music or don’t have the teaching experience yet to pursue work in music tuition. We’re looking for charismatic individuals who are aiming toward a career within the music industry and are interested in teaching music as part of their music work-life.


Internships last for 3 months. With the hope that candidates will continue into consistent teaching work with The Music Room after their probation period. The program offers teacher training, safeguarding training, and access to our curriculum, teaching materials, and facilities. Piano and guitar internships also offer the the chance to work in local schools hosting small group lessons. 


To apply, fill out our application form and upload your CV. 

Your CV should include..

  • Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Date of Birth

  • If any, relevant Work experience, relating to this role

  • Other work experience, or voluntary work

  • Education and Training, Degree, Grades etc

  • References, name, number and email of one work and one personal reference (work references can also be university lectures)

  • Links to your socials, showreels, videos, and recordings with you and your instrument.




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