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- If you are unable to attend or wish to cancel a lesson please
Our cancellation cut-off time is 48 hours prior to your lesson. If we are not notified within 48 hours, sadly you will still be charged for your lesson.

- If a lesson is canceled prior to the 48-hour cancellation cut-off, the payment for that canceled lesson will be automatically rolled over and taken off the next month's invoice. If the student/parent would like a direct refund of the canceled lesson then they should email the school. You can also use the student login portal to cancel lessons if you meet the 48-hour cut-off time. 


- We understand that due to emergencies or severe illness it can be difficult to give 48 hours cancellation notice. We acknowledge these life events happen and may consider your cancellations on a case-by-case basis. However, THE MUSIC ROOM still has the right to charge for these lessons. Please note, severe illnesses do not include; colds, sore throat, fatigue, or headaches.


- If you decide that you would like to stop having lessons, please email us giving at least 2 weeks' notice. If you have any remaining lessons after your 2 weeks notice THE MUSIC ROOM will refund you for any remaining lessons paid for after this period.

- Lessons will run promptly from the time booked, any late arrival by the student will not be made up by running over the time booked. No money will be refunded as a result of a shortened lesson by the student’s lateness.

- Each private teacher has the right to: 
- Change or cancel a lesson, at least 48 hours notice will be given to the student wherever possible or 24 hours in the case of a sudden illness.- Remove students from regular time slots if lessons are missed continually without notice.- Cancel any future lessons if a student violates our safeguarding policies. This can be viewed via the link:


- If a student has COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, lessons can take place via the ZOOM app. The school will advise the student/parent prior to the lesson on how to access the lesson. For more information on the government and our COVID guidelines, this can be viewed via the link:

- Payments must be made via bank transfer and directly to the account on your invoice. Do not send payment directly to teachers. Invoices will request payment for all lessons taking place for the following month.

- Your lessons will not be booked until THE MUSIC ROOM has received payment for all the lessons listed on your invoice. A confirmation email will be sent when your payment and your booking have been processed.

All information and details given here will not be passed on to anyone else and are kept in confidentially by THE MUSIC ROOM | COVENTRY



It is against our safeguarding policy for students under the age of 18 to exchange contact details with teachers directly. 

All information and details given on our registration form will not be passed on to anyone else and are kept in confidentially by THE MUSIC ROOM | COVENTRY


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